19989 584 Ave.

Mankato MN 56001



3 miles south of Mankato on Hwy. 22, East on 200th St.


1.  Completely drain out fresh water tank and lines.  Remove plug in water heater & let it drain.  Blow out if possible.  If you have a water filter, remove cartridge & by-pass if possible.  Close all faucets and drains.

2.  If you have a water heater by-pass, turn the valve or valves to let the anti-freeze go past water heater instead of into it.

3.  Disconnect the water line hose from the fresh water tank to the demand pump.  Attach a hose to the intake side of the pump and put the other end into a gallon of non-toxic RV antifreeze. For those of you that have a winterizing kit on your pump, turn valve so the hose that is loose is open and closed to the fresh water tank.

4.  Turn on the water pump.  Open cold water faucets one at a time.  Flush the toilet till pink flows through.  If you have an outside shower, be sure to run the antifreeze through that.

5.  Shut off faucets as antifreeze starts coming out with strong color.  If you have a hot water heater by-pass, do the same to the hot water faucets and shower.   Also open bottom valve on by-pass for a short spurt to protect the bottom elbow.  If you have a washing machine and/or a ice maker be sure to winterize them also.

6.   Did you remember to do the toilet?  Shut off the pump & BE SURE to release pressure from the system by opening a faucet.   At the city water hook-up, outside, remove screen and push in the one way valve just a touch to winterize the city water connection, pink might squirt out.

7.  If you do not have a by-pass on water heater, attach a hand pump to the kitchen faucet and pump antifreeze through to the bathroom, one faucet at a time, sink & shower.  Open bottom of water heater and pump again so it comes out the bottom of the water heater.

8.  Open all the faucets, put remaining anti-freeze in the traps (down the drain).  Remove the filter canister if you have one, drain it and leave it off.

9.  Open termination valves for holding tanks & drain. Remove battery & store in a warm climate.

10.  Thoroughly flush out in the spring with fresh water.  Do not light water heater until thoroughly flushed and make sure water heater is filled with water before you light it

11.  Be Sure to bring in the slide out rooms for the winter.